ECMO Support

ECMO EXPERTS can provide ECMO to help people whose:

  • Lungs cannot provide enough oxygen to the body even when given extra oxygen
  • Lungs cannot get rid of carbon dioxide even with help from a mechanical ventilator
  • Heart cannot pump enough blood to the body.
  • ECMO may also be used to support people with heart or lung disease that cannot be cured while they wait for an organ transplant (e.g. new heart and/or lungs)


ECMO Consulting

ECMO EXPERTS can provide you with expert opinion about the indication, possibility, feasibility and outcome of any patient suffering from cardiac and/or respiratory failure.


ECMO Training

ECMO EXPERTS will provide experienced Specialists who are advanced experts in the field of ECMO. Our specialists high quality ECMO training at our educational center or on-site training at your institution.


ECMO Specialist Staffing Solutions

ECMO EXPERTS offer a unique option for supporting your newly trained team by providing our expert Specialists for supporting your team during the first few ECMO patients. Our Specialists will sit at the bedside and provide invaluable knowledge, scenarios, expertise, and guidance, assuring the highest level of care from the first patient forward.