This program meets guidelines for quality seminars and is formally recognized by the International Education Recognition System (IERS). The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) recognizes quality international Respiratory Care educational programs which meet or exceed IERS guidelines which have been developed and approved by the International Council for Respiratory Care (ICRC).” 

1- Introduction, Dr Akram Abd El Bary                                                                       


Candidates will get knowledge to:

  • Types of ECMO cannulae
  • Insertion kit components
  • Site of Cannulation.
  • Percutaneous vs open methods

 2- Equipment


  • Candidates will get to know equipment used in Animal lab.
    • The ECMO machine. Akram Abdelbary
    • The ECMO circuit. Mohamed Khaled
    • Duplex machine and types of probes. Mahmoud Saad
    • Surgical instruments used for open technique. Ahmed Abo Hadima ,Ahmed Zaki

3-Cannulation simulation on dummies: (120 minutes) 3 groups

 Akram Abd El bary, Mohamed Khaled, Mohamed Yosri, Ahmed Saeed,  Mahmoud Saad.


  • Proper identification of anatomy with aid of ultrasound.
  • Cannulation of dummies using Seldinger technique.
  • How to confirm proper position.
  • How to fix the cannula properly.

4-Animal lab

All instructors

Two groups each group is comprised of 2 candidates

Group 1

   Duplex guided percutaneous cannulation of internal Jagular vien.


  • Candidates will be trained how to insert Avalon double lumen cannulas guided by duplex in internal jagular vein of the sheep.
  • Connect to ECMO (flushing, priming, de-airing)

Group 2

Open surgical insertion of venous and arterial ECMO cannulae in femoral vein and artery


  • Candidate will know how to open on both femoral vein and artery Insertion of cannulae direct to the vein and artery.
  • Connect to ECMO (flushing, priming, de-airing)

Shift of groups

5- Changing circuits on running ECMO.


  • Identify needed equipment for changing circuit.
  • How to change the circuit rapidly and effectively.

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